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FROST WInterblood

News from Frost and Sevan Mater. "Winterblood", which is the fifth album by the Hungarian band, is a remarkable production for the irresistible quality of the melodies. The band formed in 1996 and achieved a very high reputation in the second wave of black metal, and with this latest album they capture the full juice of atmospheric black metal. The songs are mostly balanced on a mid-tempo leash, the guitars move dramatically with the drum beat oozing rich melodies. Beautiful section of lead guitar and hard black metal vocals. "Winterblood" delivers a sombre, dark experience with the eerie synth cascading over the explosive drums, Frost mostly draws the sad melodies in the mid-tempo sections, while the guitars create a melancholy vibe throughout the album. Given how refined the sound quality is, Frost's music is all about epic melodies. There is a monumental scale to the guitars to eclipse the songwriter's talent, each track on the album has a distinctive riff that provides an atmospheric pattern. The tracks are varied, Frost provides a nice example of diversity and that's why the instrumentation fits perfectly with the overall tone. There is a fair amount of rhythm sections that play fast, although some of the album's songs are succinct, every minute of this epic album is meticulously measured. Despite solid aggression, "Winterblood" is highlighted by the veil of the melancholy aura. Out on Deluxe LP Edition! More news soon!