PLAAGDRAGER Rampspoed & Verdriet
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image PLAAGDRAGER Rampspoed & Verdriet
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PLAAGDRAGER Rampspoed & Verdriet

PLAAGDRAGED (The Netherlands) released their debut album 'Rampspoed & Verdriet' (Disaster & Sorrow) in 2021. A brilliant release, early/mid 90’s black metal inspirations, blending multiple sub-genres of black metal with brutality, rawness, Dutch lyrics and a touch of cruel melodic sections, Plaagdrager (‘Plague Carrier’) creates a strong atmospheric experience with their machine gun-style drumming (performed by guest musician J. Nijenhuis, of Atrocity and Leaves Eyes fame) and ferocious guitar riffs. Plaagdrager’s music is not complete without the exceptionally strong lyrics and vocal performance by C.W. de Boer, whose haunting vocals still remain understandable (for the native Dutch speakers, of course) and bring a blend of metaphor and directness that can measure up to the finest of the Dutch black metal scene. Thematically, the lyrics cover a wide range of personal feelings regarding the world today. Sophisticated without sacrificing any of the brutality that the plague was known for. ‘Rampspoed & Verdriet’ is the complete package. With amazing artwork by the gifted artist R. Tuynman, plus a clean yet aggressive production, Plaagdrager has made one hell of an entrance in the black metal scene. Highly recommend for all Black Metal listeners! Out in June on Deluxe Limited Edition CD, TripleGatefold 7" cover (18x18 cm) - and later on vinyl! 

Tracking List:

01 – Opening

02 – Yersinia Pestis

03 – Dans met mij, Miasma

04 – Blindeman

05 – Kluizenaar

06 – De Angst van Dwazen

07 – Slaaf van Gula

08 – Horde van het Brakke Water

09 – Paradigma

10 – Kwaadspraak

11 – Woestenij

12 – Slot (de Pest)