GENFÆRD Blodhævn
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image GENFÆRD  Blodhævn
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GENFÆRD Blodhævn

Genfærd - Blodhævn (Cat: NOR XII) - NORDUNG

333 Limited Edition - Black 2LP - Gatefold - (Barcode 2112350000000)

333 Limited Edition - Red 2LP - Gatefold - (Barcode 2112350000017)

333 Limited Edition - Marbled 2LP - Gatefold - (Barcode 2112350000024)

1.000 Limited Edition - CD - Deluxe Edition - (Barcode 0617669419908)

GENFÆRD is a black metal band from Denmark. After forming in 2014, the released of their self-titled debut album “Genfærd” in 2015. Genfærd’s style of black metal is a bit melodic, but still dark and ferocious black metal riffs and blast beats kick off this album. The riffs still manage to be a bit melodic, combined with the vocals, the feeling of distress and despair is overwhelming, the moodiness is never lost due to the melancholic overall melody of the music with the insistent drumming and funerary guitar riffs. Recommend album, particularly to fans of newer black metal without losing any of that cold and bleak atmosphere typical of black metal. Genfærd has returned with such potency and devastation. It’s oftentimes that the most potent of creations are the ones that can easily be considered some of the most simple. Black metal has long been a creation that has thrived in the worlds of both innovation and traditionalism as we can see thousands of different bands attacking each in earnest as they strive to either keep a classic sound alive under a different name or to make a sound that is wholly their own. When it comes to Genfærd, it’s definitely more of the “typical” black metal experience that we’ve come to know, but it’s all throughout their second effort of “Blodhævn” that we see the act deliver the power in such a form that they’re still striving to make their own whilst still revering that classic sound in a modern form. That’s something that many contemporary bands strive for and achieve on a daily basis, but there’s a special sense of intoxication that’s to be found within these nine blistering tracks. The cover is released/painted by Maxime Taccardi, famous for using his blood to release his works. It comes out in 333 copies on Double Vinyl (3 colors: Black, Red or Marbled), Gatefold cover. Special deluxe CD packaging: triple gatefold 7” format (18 cm x 18 cm), limited edition 1.000 copies.

Tracking List:

01 Galgenat

02 Splittelse

03 Trællegang

04 Hævnen

05 Varslet

06 Foragtens Flammer

07 Det Graa Rige

08 Det Sidste Svigt

09 Hedengang