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image NORDICWINTER Threnody
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Debut album for this Canadian solo project, behind which lies the mastermind Evillair, who also took care of the production of the disc. The music proposed is a cadenced and martial black metal, with depressive accents, square rhythms and a leaden and winter atmosphere. Pointing out an immediate influence would be difficult as the sounds like the convergence of numerous sounds, from more traditional Norwegian black metal to some of the folk-influenced bands to hints into the depressive scene. Almost 100% focused on riffs, 'Threnody' is a solid and fascinating album, while the drum machine is capably programmed, it's simple and sits in the background, providing skeletal rhythm for the guitars and vocals to play over. The riffs are melodic and rarely use any sort of dissonance, providing a traditional but still fairly engaging breed of riffcraft to the listener. Alternating between simple tremolo numbers and slightly more involved, slower breaks, they are uniformly and satisfying. It comes out in two editions (Red or Gold), 500 copies each, Gatefold Cover. Originally out on 2007, released on vinyl for the first time.